It’s been almost a year now since I’ve purchased my Nespresso Original Line machine by De’Longhi, and I’ve enjoyed almost every single Nespresso capsule that they produce. There are some over the year that have really become some of my favorites, and I wanted to share the list so others can compare. Below is my list with links to my original reviews. Enjoy!

Name Price Stars Comments
Tribute to Trieste$0.805Limited Edition
Tribute to Milan$0.805Limited Edition
Envivo Lungo$0.705Great morning coffee!
Master Origin Costa Rica$2.005Very unique!
Kazaar$0.755Best dark roast!
Linizio Lungo$0.704Alt morning coffee
Cafezinho do Brasil $0.90 4Unique taste
Ethiopia Master Crafted Single Origin$0.724Sun dried coffee
Nicaragua Master Crafted Single Origin $0.724Honey processed
Indonesia Master Crafted Single Origin $0.72 4Wet hulled

Rating: 1 out of 5.