This is a review of the Nespresso Linizio Lungo Gran Cru capsule, which is a “lungo” (or long) cup size capsule. The coffee consists of Arabicas from Brazil and Columbia using a split-roasting technique. The Brazillian bean is a Bourbon variety, and both are hand picked.


The Linizio Lungo Gran Cru has a very mild aroma. It has a very thick crema. It smells toasty maybe like roasted nuts, but again it is a very mild aroma. The smell almost reminds me of roasted almonds, but a light smell.


The Nespresso Linizio Lungo like its aroma, has very mild taste to it. The taste is a lovely sweet and mild taste. Maybe like nougat. A good coffee to have when you want to have a “take it easy” kind of day!


The Nespresso Linizio Lungo Gran Cru is an awesome Gran Cru that you will enjoy if you like a milder brew. You can definitely taste the quality of the coffee. If you are looking for a much better Lungo and good morning coffee, checkout the Envivo Lungo; it’s one of my favorites!