The Nespresso Tokyo Vivalto Lungo is a redesign of the Nespresso Vivalto Lungo which was introduced in January 2021. As part of the redesign and renaming are changes to intensity and coffee sourcing as described in my article Nespresso 2021 New Lungos Information. The Tokyo Vivalto Lungo is my most anticipated Lungo of all the redesigns. This is a review of the Tokyo Vivalto Lungo.

The coffee sourcing now uses a Mexican arabica instead of a Brazilian arabica. Also, intensity has changed from 4 to 6, acidity has decreased from 2 to1, and body has increased from 2 to 3. I always thought the original Vivalto Lungo was a bit too light. Plus there is indication that fruit aromatic notes are present.


The Nespresso Tokyo Vivalto Lungo has a very strong flowery, possibly perfume like aroma to it, and also cereal notes to it. It is a very mild, pleasant aroma.


The Nespresso Tokyo Vivalto Lungo has a complex floral and fruit like taste to it. The Tokyo Vivalto Lungo is definitely a bit more intense than the original Vivalto Lungo. The coffee has a light sour taste to it, but is very nice and it lingers. The Tokyo Vivalto Lungo does have a thick crema that is very enjoyable.


Overall, the redesign of the Nespresso Tokyo Vivalto Lungo is a nice change, but it still doesn’t meet my expectations as I’m still finding this tends to be a very light roast, and I prefer the most intense roasts like the Envivo Lungo for my morning Lungo coffee; it’s just a personal preference.

POST NOTE: After realizing the Tokyo Vivalto Lungo is very mild/light when extracted as a Lungo size, I decided to try extracting it at about 75% of the normal 110 ml size. This is done by pressing the Lungo button just a few seconds before finishing. If you use the same cup, it’s just 75% the amount that it would normally have. To my surprise, the coffee is quite intense tasting. It has a much more complex flavor and is nicer and much more enjoyable to drink. You may want to try it out.