In early 2021, Nespresso did a redesign of their various Original Line Lungo coffees. This is all outlined in my Nespresso 2021 New Lungos Information article. This post is a comparison of both the original Linizio Lungo and the new Vienna Linizio Lungo, basically a “showdown” between the two coffees!


To prepare my testing, I used two Origin Collection Lungo size cups and brewed the original Linizio Lungo in one, and in the other cup the Vienna Linizio Lungo. By the way, those Origin Collection cups are great for coffee, since they are double walled and maintain the coffee temperature and enhance the aromas of the coffee. The coffees were brewed one after another so that they could be compared at the same time.

Aroma Comparison

The original Linizio Lungo has much stronger aromas than the Vienna. Both have malty and cereal aromas to them, the Vienna has a bit more unusual aroma to it; I can’t quite determine what the additional aroma it has. They are very comparable. The crema looks almost identical, except the Vienna is a bit darker.

Taste Comparison

The original Linizio Lungo crema tastes much sweeter than the Vienna, where the Vienna crema is a little more bitter, and I’m also getting stronger maltiness to the original Linizio. The original Linizio tastes sweet and creamy with light bitter after tastes. The Vienna is not as sweet as the Linizio, the bitter after tastes are stronger.

Additional Notes

I can see the intent for the redesign change is to make the Vienna a much stronger tasting Lungo. The original Linizio is more suitable for people that like lighter, smoother roasts. Don’t get me wrong, the Vienna is not harsh, but just tastes a lot stronger than the original.


If I had a preference, I would choose the original Linizio Lungo over the Vienna, however the Vienna is a very good alternative. The Vienna is good when you want a mild to strong coffee with lots of character.