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Hello, my name is Alvin Bunk.

I’m a software developer. Currently I’m working at KCCD at the District Office in downtown Bakersfield, California as an ERP Analyst. My expertise is in Java, PHP, SQL and Software Testing. Feel free to contact me if you need help.

I’m also the Bakersfield Evening Men’s Bible Study Fellowship Class Administrator. Info on the Bakersfield EM Class is here: If you want to find a Class in a different location, please search for it here:

I do a lot of reviews of coffee capsules for the Nespresso Original Line machines (including 3rd party), so if you are looking for those, click on the Nespresso category. Please go to my ko-fi buy me a coffee page at: to support and donate to me for writing coffee reviews. Thank you!

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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great site! Thanks for all your work and posting it. I received a link to your database on google docs for the Nespresso capsules with details on a variety of things including caffeine levels. Is it possible to sort and where would I find this on your site? I have a read-only version link that doesn’t directly link to this site.

  2. Hi Alvin! How do you get your caffeine content info? For example, Altissio is said to be about 85 mg from Nespresso, but you have listed about 108 mg. How did you get this number? I’m looking for an espresso with around 100 mg (95-105 mg).

    1. Hi Niju. All “official” caffeine content information is sourced from the Nespresso Taiwan site. In Taiwan they are required to publish that information by law. If you are getting your information from the US site or others, those are only approximations.

      Here’s the link for the Altissio:
      which is 108mg, which is correct. Use my spreadsheet for the “correct” caffeine content values. There were a couple of older ones that were estimates, but Taiwan currently has most Vertuo and Original Line capsules.

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