The Nespresso Nordic Black is part of the Nordic variations released just before Christmas of 2019. It is a Lungo size brewed cup. Because of all the bad reviews I read about the Nordic Cloudberry coffee, I was hesitant to order even a sleeve of this one to try it out. This post is a review of the coffee.

I have to admit, the packaging and colors used for the Nordic variation coffees are very nice indeed. So I give a definite thumbs up to Nespresso on that!


The aroma of the Nordic Black is not very strong at all. It has a touch of cereal and fruity smell to it. So for me, that is a major reason not to like this coffee. Crema is very thick, also the color of the coffee is a lighter brown; so it’s probably a lighter roast.


The Nespresso Nordic Black Limited Edition has a very weak taste to it. It has a touch of fruitiness to it with light cereal taste and slightly sweet. It’s not particularly appealing.


I won’t be buying any more of the Nordic Black. There are a few other better tasting Lungo coffees from Nespresso that I can enjoy. Like my favorite the Envivio Lungo, or the Linizio Lungo. Both are great! Also the Fortissio Lungo is a good one, but I prefer to order the Single Origin India rather than the Fortissio Lungo, since you can brew it as a Lungo or an Espresso size cup.