In January 2021, Nespresso introduced its “World Explorations” redesign of its existing Lungo coffees. The naming of the Linizio Lungo has now changed to Vienna Linizio Lungo, plus also the intensity has changed from 4 to 6, and it is mentioned that now a “washed” Colombian arabica is used. Also, bitterness and body has increased – see my spreadsheet for a reference. You can see my article Nespresso 2021 New Lungos Information for all the changes in the various Lungos.

This article is a review of the Vienna Linizio Lungo. The coffee used is a Brazilian bourbon type arabica, and a washed Colombian arabica. A split roast technique is used with the Brazilian beans which are light to medium roasted, and the washed Colombian with a short roast. The aromatic profile mentioned by Nespresso is malt cereal and sweet.


The Nespresso Vienna Linizio Lungo has a nice strong malty aroma to it. It reminds me of Ovaltine, but a stronger more pleasant aroma.


The Nespresso Vienna Linizio Lungo definitely hits the sweet part of the tongue. The coffee has a smooth feel in the mouth and has a malt like taste. The coffee has a good crema that is medium to dark in color and feels thick when sipping in the mouth.


The Nespresso Vienna Linizio Lungo is an easy drinking, smooth, and aromatic coffee that you can enjoy regularly. It is a medium intensity coffee, and makes a great morning coffee. The taste/aroma profile is very similar to the original Linizio Lungo. If you like very intense coffees, you might like this one as an alternative when on some days you want a milder coffee. At first (2019), I didn’t like this coffee, but later I re-tried another sleeve and I came to love it. You should try a sleeve to see if you like it. Caffeine content is also low at 75 mg, which is good for a Lungo draw – see my spreadsheet for a reference of caffeine content for various capsules.