This is a review of the Nespresso Nicaragua Master Crafted Single Origin Gran Cru capsule. The Nicaragua Gran Cru uses a black honey processing technique where part of the coffee berry (mucilage) remains on the bean. It produces a green special rich flavor coffee. As part of the process farmers pick the ripest (red) cherries. The craftsmanship here is called “honey processed”.


The Nespresso Nicaragua Master Crafted Single Origin has a mild aroma that is fruity like with a bit of toast aroma. It’s a complex aroma. Since it is mild, it doesn’t stand out that much. It does remind me of toasted bread with honey spread over it.


The Nespresso Nicaragua Gran Cru has a thick crema and tastes sweet – it hits the sweet part (tip) of the tongue. The taste is indeed something like honey. It is an excellent taste.


This is an excellent Gran Cru and definitely “Master Crafted”; you can taste it! I highly recommend you get a sleeve or more and try it out, you won’t be disappointed! You can brew any of the Master Crafted Single Origin Gran Cru capsules as either an Espresso size or Lungo size cup. At $0.72 per capsule, this is a great product from Nespresso.

If you like this coffee, you should also checkout the other Master Crafted Origin capsules, such as Ethiopia (sun dried), or Indonesia (wet hulled), or India (monsooned), or Colombia (late harvest, wash processed).