This post is a list of what I consider are the best Nespresso capsules for 2020 (for the Original Line) by various categories. I’ve them broken down into categories, so that other types of coffees will appear and this may help for people that are looking for different types of coffee. I would like to mention that these are my personal preferences, and everyone has different tastes in coffee, so you still may or may not like the coffees as I do.

Best Limited Edition Coffee

For some reason, 2020 has been a disappointing year for Limited Edition releases. Most of them have not been that great, and I had better expectations for Limited Editions, especially since they normally cost more and don’t come out very often.

I decided on the Aged Sumatra Vintage 2016. A close second might be Umutima wa Lake Kivu Rwanda, however, the Aged Sumatra Vintage 2016 has this awesome taste that you aren’t particularly aware of until after drinking a bit of it.

Best New Addition

In 2020, some Barista Creations and the Venezia and Napoli coffees were introduced to the regular Nespresso lineup (available year round). Clearly the Ispirazione Napoli is a hands down winner. It’s the most intense (Intensity 13) regular coffee, and is much more intense than Kazaar.

Best Lungo

The Envivo Lungo is definitely a morning go-to coffee. The most intense of all the lungos, and the one that feels the least watery, and a coffee you can enjoy almost every day. The runner up is the Linizio Lungo, which is made from only Arabicas and can be enjoyed almost daily.

Best Intense Coffee

Since Dharkan has been phased out in 2019, the Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar is definitely the most enjoyable intense coffee that has a great feel on the tongue and can be slurped.

Best Reviving Origins

The Cafecito de Puerto Rico is clearly a royal coffee. If you’ve never tried this coffee, you need to order at least one sleeve to try it out. It is an excellent coffee. Nespresso has introduced a number of other Reviving Origins coffees, but the only alternate one I can recommend is the Amaha awe Uganda, which has a unique aroma and taste, and is somewhat intense.

Best Light Roast Coffee

The Master Origin Ethiopia is an awesome light fruity coffee, that has low caffeine content and you can enjoy daily. Alternately, the Cosi is another great choice.

Happy New Year, and hope you enjoy 2021!