After trying many Nespresso Original Line capsules, I’ve been trying to figure out what is the best Lungo to drink in the morning. This article is about the Nespresso Envivo Lungo Original Line capsule which meets that criteria. The coffee used is both an Arabica from India and a Robusta from Mexico.

The Packaging

Envivo Lungo box and capsules

The Nespresso Envivo Lungo box is using the standard 10 capsule cardboard (recyclable) sleeve with orange colored end. Each sleeve is date stamped at the end showing the date of production and the best before date. The dates are shown in two formats, namely DD.MM.YY and YY.MM.DD so that there is absolutely no confusion as to the dates.

The Taste

I’m very new to being able to taste differences in coffee, and ever since I purchased my Nespresso Inissia Espresso machine by DeLonghi I’ve been drinking my coffee black (without sugar, creme or milk), and have been enjoying the taste of pure coffee. I also want to mention that each Nespresso capsule variety is a Gran Cru, and each is well worth the cost. Just compare if you had an Espresso machine: You have to purchase fresh coffee regularly, and keep it fresh, grind it perfectly, tamp it perfectly, and finally pour it perfectly. Whereas with a Nespresso Gran Cru capsule, that’s all done for you automatically, no fuss or muss; just press a button and in 32 seconds or less your perfect Lungo or Espresso is done.

The ease of brewing a Nespresso Gran Cru capsule

I’ve discovered this Javascript Coffee Wheel, which helped me figure out how to describe the various tastes and aromas. The Envivo Lungo to me, has a sweet, mellow, and mild taste. It has a bit of bitter after flavor (probably from the Mexican Robusta), which is very nice. Possibly like gingerbread as described by Nespresso.

The Aroma

The Envivo Lungo has a nut-like aroma; possibly like roasted peanuts. The crema is dark and has a strong lasting smell. The smells of Nespresso Gran Crus can fill the room and give you that wonderful wake up experience.

This is an Envivo Lungo shot!

The Result

The final result is: The Envivo Lungo makes a great morning/breakfast coffee that wakes you up and gives you that warm wonderful feeling. It’s a variety that you can drink every morning without getting bored.

If you are interested in other Lungos to try out, check out my review of the Nespresso Fortissio Lungo, or the Linizio Lungo, or the Vivalto Lungo. Although the Envivo Lungo is so far one of my most favorite Nespresso capsules, the Fortissio Lungo is also very good!