This is a review of the Nespresso Tribute to Trieste Limited Edition capsule for the Original Line machine. One of the 2 most popular Limited Edition capsules that Nespresso makes, and part of “The Italian Duo” which consists of the Tribute to Trieste and Tribute to Milano capsules. The Tribute to Trieste uses washed Arabicas from Peru and Columbia plus an unwashed Brazilian Arabica and they use a split roasting technique. The Nespresso Tribute to Trieste should be brewed as a Ristretto cup size.


The aroma of the Tribute to Trieste according to Nespresso is definitely chocolate and hazelnut. It actually has a very light chocolate aroma which you can smell when brewing it. Then when you put your nose to it, it has a mild fruit aroma. It is very nice aroma. This definitely an excellent coffee!


The taste of the Nespresso Tribute to Trieste coffee is chocolate with a extremely excellent bitterness to it. This tastes like bitter dark chocolate, an extremely nice tasting coffee.


The result of the review of the Tribute to Trieste Limited Edition is that this is an excellent 5 star rated Gran Cru. At $0.80 USD per capsule, you should definitely get tons of them while they are available! You won’t regret it at all!