This is a review of the Nespresso Tribute to Milano Limited Edition capsule for the Original Line machine. One of the 2 most popular Limited Edition capsules that Nespresso makes, and part of “The Italian Duo” which consists of the Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Trieste capsules. The Tribute to Milano uses mild Arabicas from Central and South America plus an unwashed Robusta from India. The Tribute to Milano should be brewed as a Ristretto cup size for optimal aroma/flavor.


The Tribute to Milano has a very wonderful strong aroma! According to Nespresso has fruit and cereal notes to it and yes indeed that is what the aroma is like. It’s a very enjoyable aroma!

The fruit aromas are probably like lemon, with nutty like aromas as well, possibly like roasted peanuts.


This is the most awesome Nespresso Gran Cru I have ever tasted! Brewed as a Ristretto cup size, this is packed with flavor! The Tribute to Milano Limited Edition has a sweet bitterness to it, possibly like dark chocolate.


The result is: you absolutely need to stock up on these capsules! This is an awesome Gran Cru that you simply can’t miss out on trying.