This is a review of the Nespresso World Explorations Miami Espresso coffee capsule for the Original Line machine, which was released in the US at the end of February 2022. The World Explorations Miami Espresso is part of the World Explorations series where the coffee represents the coffee of the particular city, in this case the coffee theme is the city of Miami Florida The coffee consists of coffees from Latin America and the Caribbean, and each capsule contain 5.6 grams of coffee and has an intensity of 9. Nespresso mentions aroma notes of cereal and tobacco. The capsule can be brewed as an espresso or a ristretto sized cup. In certain countries, the Miami Espresso is a Limited Edition release, but in the US it will be a regular capsule.


The Nespresso Miami Espresso has woody, earthy and floral like notes to it. The aromas are stronger when brewed as a ristretto size cup and are very pleasant. The crema is a dark color and is thick.

NOTE: When brewed as a ristretto size cup, it does have a chocolate like aroma.


I’m getting very strong tobacco like notes to the Nespresso Miami Espresso. It’s very much like dark chocolate that has lots of cocoa in it. It is bitter with acidity notes, and is a very nice drinking. It feels much more intense than a level 9; it feels more like 12 or 13! If you like intense coffee you are going to love this one!

On a second day I tried brewing the World Explorations Miami Espresso as a ristretto size cup; it is very nice as a ristretto. Very much like dark chocolate, and super intense. I noticed that there are much less tobacco notes when brewed as a ristretto, so you might want to brew as a ristretto if you don’t like tobacco notes, which is what I will do. I’m finding this one is really nice as a ristretto, I mean really, really nice!

If your Nespresso OL machine does not have a ristretto button, you can press the espresso button to start the coffee brewing, and press the button a second time to stop it midway and produce a shorter draw. Here is a link to my youtube video showing how it’s done:


The Nespresso World Explorations Miami Espresso is an extremely nice intense coffee. If you miss the Cafecito de Cuba, then get lots of this one, it is very nice indeed. The World Exploration Miami Espresso will appeal to those looking for a very intense and dark chocolate or tobacco tasting coffee. I have to say, that drinking the WE Miami Espresso makes me feel like I’m getting a caffeine buzz; although it only has 85 mg of caffeine in an espresso size cup. Here’s a link to my Nespresso Capsule spreadsheet for reference, which also contains a lot more information, including links to my other reviews.

Enjoy your coffee!