Throughout the year, Nespresso introduces various Limited Edition coffee capsules. This year (2019) in particular, Nespresso is taking small steps in Costa Rica to plant needed trees in that country to protect the coffee production. This article is about the Master Origin Costa Rica 2019 Original Line capsule, that is a limited availability Grand Cru capsule.

Master Origin Costa Rica 2019 Box


Because it is a Limited Edition capsule, the cost is high at $2.00 US per capsule. There are a number of articles on the internet about the fact that Nespresso capsules are expensive, and in particular more expensive compared to K-cup pods.


The aroma is Nutty, Malt-like, and Toast smell. It’s not a very strong aroma, probably because of the hot springs technique used on the beans.


The taste is Sweet, Mellow, and Delicate, or possibly Salt, Bland, and Soft not certain. You can taste the effort that the master craftsman went into producing the coffee. When you let the coffee sit for a while and taste it again, it has almost a different flavour that just sticks with you. This is definitely a coffee you won’t find very often, and very unique!

The Sleeve

Special side opening

The sleeve is designed differently that other Nespresso sleeves in that it opens on the side. It’s very easy to open in comparison to the standard sleeves. There are perforated cutouts, so you simply pull on it slightly to open the box. When open, you can see the color and styling of each Gran Cru capsule. Very nice packaging!


The cost of $2.00 USD per capsule is really high for this coffee. It is a unique taste, but I believe Nespresso has other regular Gran Cru capsules that are better bets to spend your money on.

I can hardly wait for the Cafecito de Cuba Limited Edition Gran Cru capsules to come out in May 2019! I believe these capsules will be well worth the cost spent.