This article is a review of the Nespresso Master Crafted Single Origin Indonesia Gran Cru capsule, which can be brewed as an Espresso or Lungo cup size. The particular craftsmanship for this coffee is “wet hulled”.

The Master Origin Indonesia sleeve


The aroma of the Master Crafted Single Origin Indonesia is very light and on the flavour wheel it is nutty, malt-like, and has toast notes. Almost smells like buttered toast. The Gran Cru has an outdoors like aroma to it.


The taste of the Indonesia Gran Cru is either salt or bitter, sharp, and rough. These are all in a positive sense. The taste reminds me of things from an outdoor type environment. The feel on the tongue is thick and creamy. There is a powerful lingering bitter taste. Definitely a unique flavour. NOTE: After drinking the MCSO Indonesia, I always get a slight caffeine buzz, even though the amount of caffeine in the capsule isn’t a lot (72mg).


Although I previously had negative impressions about this Gran Cru, but now it’s become one of my most cherished, and I’ve already ordered extra sleeves. It has extremely interesting character, so therefore it indeed is a “Master Crafted” type wet hulled coffee. I really suggest you try a sleeve out and see how you like it. This capsule is best brewed as a Espresso, rather than a Lungo. If brewed as a Lungo, it is just too bland and I wouldn’t recommend it.

You should also check out the other Master Crafted Single Origin capsules like Colombia (late harvest, water processed), Nicaragua (honey processed), Ethiopia (sun dried), and India (monsooned).

The datestamps on the end of the sleeve