This is a review of the Nespresso Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar capsule, which is a blend of two robustas from Brazil and Guatemala and a separately roasted South American arabica. It can be brewed as either an Espresso or Ristretto size cup. NOTE: Nespresso has recently rebranded the Kazaar, and the new name is now “Ispirazione Italiana Palermo Kazaar”, but it’s the exact same coffee as the previous name Kazaar.

Here’s a video from the creator of Kazaar Alexis Rodriguez: He gives a good overview of how to enjoy the coffee!


The Kazaar Packaging

Definitely this Gran Cru has spicy notes to it, with a very strong fragrance. It possibly has vanilla like smell to it. The Kazzar has a medium thickness crema.

When brewed as a ristretto, it has a much stronger aroma and you get chocolate notes, and still with light vanilla like aromas.


The taste of the Kazaar is Bitter but in a very nice way. Bitter yet sweet. Definitely and awesome taste that lasts, and this is a lovely coffee that you will want to slurp!

When brewed as a ristretto sized cup, the coffee takes on a whole new experience. Very lovely bitter dark chocolate like notes, with strong spiciness, and wonderful bitterness. I highly suggest brewing this as a ristretto instead of an espresso sized cup.


No wonder this is a best seller! Get some! The Kazzar is an awesome Gran Cru and definitely one you should have on your list of favorites.

In comparison, check out the Nespresso Dharkan Gran Cru capsule, or if you like an even more intense coffee then check out the Ispirazione Napoli coffee.