The Nespresso Cafezinho do Brasil is a Limited Edition Gran Cru for the Original Line machine. This is a review of the capsule/coffee. The Nespresso Cafezinho do Brasil uses a blend of two types of Arabicas from Brazil but from multiple locations. One type of the arabica beans uses the natural drying process, whereas the other is a washed (pulped) arabica. Also Nespresso uses the split roast technique, one short roast for unexpected notes, the other longer for body, bitterness and intensity. The Cafezinho do Brasil has an intensity of 9 and has 5.5 grams of coffee per capsule.


The packaging for the Cafezinho do Brasil uses the colors of the Brazillian flag, namely gold and green. It is very colorful and stands out from other Nespresso sleeves. The capsules themselves are also gold and green, so they are easy to spot.


The Cafezinho do Brasil has a strong aroma. It has a both a toast like and a woody smell to it. Almost earthy, like the Master Origin Indonesia Gran Cru. It does smell something like walnut. I have no idea what sandalwood smells like, so I can’t compare.


The Cafezinho do Brasil has a medium thickness crema with medium to dark color. There is a strong bitterness to the Cafezinho do Brasil, and a herbal taste. The bitterness is very pleasant and lingers. It is very distinctive, so definitely a Gran Cru. It reminds me of herbs in the field in Canada. I was trying to figure out the herbal taste, and then it hit me, that is tastes something like sage.

NOTE: If you don’t like bitterness in your coffee, then you probably won’t like this one. The other thing you should note, is at first I thought the taste was a bit unusual because of the different characteristics of the bitterness, but then when you try it multiple times, you realize that it’s the character of the bitterness that makes this coffee so nice. In the summer of 2021 I noticed this, for my first taste I thought it was oddly bitter, but then on my second taste the bitterness has just such a unique character to it that there is nothing like it.


The Cafezinho do Brasil is a distinctive Gran Cru that you will definitely want to try out. It has a bitterness that lingers. At $0.90 a capsule, the price is excellent compared to other limited edition capsules from Nespresso, so you’ll probably want to get some regardless just to try them out.

Also, this is an intense Gran Cru. So you might also want to compare with the excellent Nespresso Kazzar Gran Cru.