The Master Crafted Single Origin range of coffee capsules by Nespresso, are coffees made by master craftsmen to apply a specific process to produce the coffee to make a distinctive memorable coffee experience. The Ethiopia Original Line capsule by Nespresso is just one of those Master Crafted Single Origin capsule varieties which is reviewed here in this article. The craftsmanship for this coffee is “sun dried”.


The Nespresso Master Crafted Single Origin Ethiopia sleeves have copper colored ends with farmers in wavy fields shown on the front.

At the end of each sleeve, there are timestamps with the production date and best before dates.

The Aroma

The Nespresso Master Crafted Single Origin Ethiopia coffee has an Enzymatic, Fruity, Berry-like, Apricot type aroma that you can almost love smelling forever. I used this Javascript Coffee Flavour Wheel to determine the aromas and tastes of the coffee.

Can you smell that coffee?

The Taste

I’ve seen some poor reviews about the Nespresso Master Crafted Single Origin Ethiopia coffee; however, I think these reviews are unjustified. Clearly this is a Gran Cru capsule, and a lot of effort has gone into growing and producing this coffee. You can taste it, and smell it!

Can you taste that coffee?

The flavour is Sour, Winey, and probably Tangy. It’s hard to describe. But almost tastes like a very fine wine. I can understand why Nespresso used copper colors for the sleeves and capsules. This reminds the enjoyer of the coffee that it is like a fine berry. Maybe an apricot?

The Result

This is definitely a Gran Cru capsule. Please note, you can brew the Master Crafted Single Origin capsules as either an Espresso or a Lungo, but I highly recommend for the Ethiopia capsule that you make it an Espresso. The Lungo pour seems very dull!

You should also check out the other Master Crafted Single Origin capsules like Colombia (late harvest, water processed), Nicaragua (honey processed), Indonesia (wet hulled), and India (monsooned).