Nespresso just released the Ispirazione Napoli in December 2019 on a trial basis until its official release in March 2020. This will be the replacement for the popular Dharkan capsule. This is an intense coffee with the highest rating of 13, and it can be brewed as either a Ristretto or Espresso sized cup.

The Ispirazione Napoli uses a Ugandan Robusta with a South American arabica (country not indicated). The uniqueness of this coffee, is that it is roasted until it is dark but not burnt; which gives the coffee the high intensity and excellent character. The naming of the coffee is based on that intense roasting is typical of the coffee style available in Naples Italy.


The Ispirazione Napoli has a smoky smell to it; like a burnt smell but in a nice way. You’ll notice when brewed, that the color of the coffee is very dark. This is the darkest coffee I’ve seen from Nespresso!

When brewed as a ristretto sized cup, the aromas are much more powerful. There is still strong smoky notes to it.


The Ispirazione Napoli has a very smooth bitter taste to it with a sour aftertaste, but it is not harsh at all on the tongue. It’s almost a woody flavor.

When brewed as a ristretto, there are much more stronger sour notes to it and the coffee is much more intense. I believe it tastes much better as an espresso sized cup.


You will definitely want get a lot of the Ispirazione Napoli capsules. It’s a very excellent coffee, and I suspect it will be very popular. The Ispirazione Napoli has it’s own unique flavor and is definitely different than any of the other Nespresso coffees available. Enjoy!