This is a review of the Nespresso Kahawa ya Congo coffee for the Nespresso Original Line (OL) machines. This coffee was initially introduced for the Vertuo in the summer of 2020. It is part of the Nespresso Reviving Origins coffees, and was first introduced as a capsule for the OL machines in the summer of 2021. The coffee is made of arabicas from the Lake Kivu region of DRC and a split roast technique is used with two dark/short roasts with one of them being slightly longer. Each capsule contains 5.5 grams of coffee and this is an intensity 7 coffee which can be brewed as either an Espresso or a Lungo. It should also be noted that this is the first organic coffee as part of the Nespresso Reviving Origins coffees. The Kahawa ya Congo is packaged in a front opening sleeve, similar to all the other Reviving Origins coffees:


The Nespresso Kahawa ya Congo has a very nice aroma to it. There are fruit notes (maybe like yellow peach), and also has nut like (maybe like peanut) notes to it. The aroma is very pleasant. The crema is thin and dissipates quickly plus has big bubbles.


The Nespresso Kahawa ya Congo is first lightly sweet, and then ends with just a touch of sour notes. The taste is really reminding me of yellow peaches (I have a Red Baron peach tree in my back yard, so I know the taste and aromas). It’s an enjoyable taste that is filling and satisfies.

NOTE: Is it a coincidence that the color of the Kahawa ya Congo sleeves is peach flesh color?


The Nespresso Kahawa ya Congo is a very nice coffee that I could definitely order a few sleeves. I’m loving the peach like taste for this coffee. It’s a mealy like taste, and makes you want to drink more of it. I find the Kahawa ya Congo tastes better than the Amaha awe Uganda, but I really think the Tamuka mu Zimbabwe is the star of the 2021 releases.

You can read more about the other Reviving Origins in my Nespresso Reviving Origins article, where I have links to each of my reviews.