This is a review of the Nespresso Ispirazione Novecento Limited Edition release coffee capsule for the Original Line (OL) Nespresso machine. This coffee was release at the end of Summer of 2021. This is an intensity 9 capsule intended to be brewed as either a Ristretto or Espresso size cup. The beans used are robustas from West Africa, East African arabicas (unwashed) and Brazillian arabicas (unwashed); and the arabicas have a short dark roast, and the robustas with a long dark roast.


The aroma of the Nespresso Ispirazione Novecento Limited Edition is not very strong. When brewed as an Espresso there are light spice and possibly woody like notes. The crema is dense and dark in color with micro size bubbles. The crema is also very thick (firmer than Napoli crema) when scooped on a spoon, so this is very nice.


Wow, even just the crema is very nice to taste! The crema feels thick and dense in the mouth with cocoa like notes; possibly one of the thickest cremas that I have tasted. With cremas like this, this is why Nespresso is so much better than ANY 3rd party OL capsule!

The Nespresso Ispirazione Novecento Limited Edition definitely has spicy like notes to it. It feels much more intense than level 9! The coffee feels very thick in the mouth when drinking it; possibly one of Nespresso’s thickest coffees. Slight sweetness when tasting with a hint of sourness and very, very light bitter after notes also cocoa like notes. This is an extremely nice tasting coffee. If you like intense, you will love this one!

I first tried this as an Espresso size cup and thought it was very powerful. As a Ristretto size pour, the crema is very dark and thick. The aroma is stronger when brewed as a Ristretto. The coffee is very intense when brewed as a Ristretto. It feels like an intensity 13 coffee! Strong spicy notes, and still has woody background notes. Sweet at first and light sour after notes and slight bitterness. A very nice coffee!


The Nespresso Ispirazione Novecento Limited Edition is an awesome coffee. Get some – no don’t even wait, get some! I think this coffee is better brewed as a Espresso rather than a Ristretto because it has a better taste profile when brewed as an Espresso.