This is a review of the Nespresso Amaha awe Uganda coffee capsule for the Original Line. This capsule is available for both Original Line and Vertuo Line. The coffee is part of Nespresso’ Reviving Origins line of coffee, and was first introduced in the beginning of August 2020 in the US.

The coffee is single origin coffee from the Rwenzori Mountains of the Western region of Uganda. Nespresso uses a split roasting technique with both a dark and medium roast.


The Amaha awe Uganda has flowery smells, a hint of caramel and I guess what would be sandalwood fragrance – although I truly haven’t smelled sandalwood personally.


The Nespresso Amaha awe Uganda is an intense coffee with slight bitter tastes to it. The Amaha awe Uganda has a medium to dark crema color and medium thickness. It has hints of flower taste to it. The coffee is slightly thick in the mouth and has a sweet aftertaste.


The Nespresso Amaha awe Uganda is an awesome intense coffee, and so far one of my favorites for the Reviving Origins series coffees. At a price of $1.10 USD a capsule, you’ll probably want to try this coffee first compared to the other Reviving Origins coffees.

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