The Nespresso Tamuka mu Zimbabwe Limited Edition Gran Cru capsule, is part of Nespresso’s “Reviving Origins” program to help farmers bring back the coffee industry to countries affected by conflict or hardships or environmental disasters. Check out National Geographic’s Beyond the Bean for more info on all the great things that Nespresso is doing for the coffee industry. This coffee is from the Honde Valley in Zimbabwe.


The Nespresso Tamuka mu Zimbabwe Limited Edition coffee when brewed does not have a strong aroma at all. It’s hard to actually tell what it smells like, but somewhat fruity, maybe apple like.


The Nespresso Tamuka mu Zimbabwe coffee has a medium to thick crema. It has a sour taste somewhat like wine flavor; like a fruit flavor, and the flavor is strong. The sourness is a bit strong, but it takes a while to appreciate it.


The Nespresso Tamuka mu Zimbabwe capsules for original line are expensive at $1.10 per capsule. This is a rather high cost for an “ok” tasting coffee – although, I have recently come to appreciate the taste. So my rating for this one is lower than usual, however, you may want to try out a sleeve or two to see if you like the fruity/sour taste.