This is an article about the Nespresso Reviving Origins coffees. Nespresso for a number of years now has released various Reviving Origins coffee capsules both for the Original Line (OL) and Vertuo machines. The main purpose of the Reviving Origins coffees is to empower farmers to support their livelihoods, restore the land, and produce some of the best rare coffees ever. You can read about it at the Reviving Origins US link.

Coffees Available

The following is a list of the coffees available in the Reviving Origins and links to my reviews of the particular (OL) coffees. Keep in mind that Nespresso continues to expand the available Reviving Origins coffees with time.


The Nespresso Kahawa ya Congo was first introduced in the Fall of 2019 and was only available for the Vertuo machine. It is the first organic coffee of the Reviving Origins coffees. In the summer of 2021 Nespresso has decided to release the Kahawa ye Congo with a capsule for the OL machine. It’s definitely one to look forward to in the year 2021!


Nespresso first introduced the Amaha awe Uganda in the Summer of 2020. The Amaha awe Uganda is the strongest coffee of all the Reviving Origins coffees with an intensity of 8 for the OL capsule. The Amaha awe Uganda has a unique sandalwood taste to it, and it’s a very special coffee.


The Nespresso Tamuka mu Zimbabwe was first introduced by Nespresso in the Summer of 2019. It has a very distinct apple like taste to it that I’ve never tasted in any other coffee, and is indeed special.

Puerto Rico

The Cafecito de Puerto Rico was introduced in October 2019 as an effort by Nespresso to help farmers rebuild farms damaged by hurricanes Maria and Irma. It’s the best coffee of the Reviving Origins series coffees, and I consider it to be one of Nespresso’s best coffees as well. You definitely should try this coffee when it is available. This coffee has only been released in the US, so if you are not living in the US and you can get some, definitely get a sleeve.


The Esperanza de Colombia was first introduced in the Summer of 2019. It was released at the same time as the Tamuka mu Zimbabwe.


The Cafecito de Cuba was first introduced in the Fall of 2016. This is an intense coffee made with arabicas from Cuba, and has distinct wood and tobacco notes to it. It is an extremely popular coffee and currently has only been offered US and certain other countries (definitely Canada).