This is a review of the Nespresso Reviving Origins Cafecito de Puerto Rico coffee for the Original Line Nespresso machine. The Cafecito de Puerto Rico is a single origin coffee made of Arabicas from Puerto Rico. it is an Espresso size cup brew. It’s common for people to confuse the Cafecito de Puerto Rico with the Cafecito de Cuba capusle, because the colors look exactly the same; although the coffee tastes completely different.


There is not a strong aroma from the Nespresso Cafecito de Puerto Rico. It has notes of a peppery scent to it, but very light.


The Cafecito de Puerto Rico has a thick crema and it is a thick and smooth feel in the mouth. It definitely has a cocoa and peppery taste to it. Even though it is rated at an intensity of 11, it feels more like a 13; so a very intense taste to it.


What an awesome coffee. My belief is that this will be one of the best for the year 2020. It has some similar characteristics to Napoli, although the Napoli has more of a smoky taste to it. Definitely do get some sleeves of this to try out.

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