This is a review of the Starbucks by Nespresso Holiday Blend, which is normally released just before Christmas. The coffee used is 100% arabicas and uses beans from Latin America and Indonesia. Each capsules contains 5.7 grams of coffee, and this capsule is intended to be brewed as a Lungo size cup.

I was able to find a pack of 5 of these on Amazon using this link. They only cost $0.64 USD per capsule; which was a good price (no longer available) and decided to try them out. (I also notice the House Blend is available now for $0.42 per capsule.)


Starbucks mentions the Holiday Blend has herbal and maple notes to it, but to me I’m getting more like a sweet honey like aroma to it. Possibly toast like notes to it as well. It’s a nice aroma and is very light. The crema is very light and doesn’t last very long.


The Starbucks by Nespresso Holiday Blend has very sweet notes to it. I’m sensing the Lungo pour makes the coffee a bit over extracted. The Holiday Blend has a very light bitter aftertaste, but it’s very pleasant in the mouth. This easily could be a daily drinking coffee, as it is very smooth to drink. It has a smooth, light mouthfeel and is easy to drink.

On a second day I tried a pre-infusion technique: First brew as a Ristretto size cup, then wait one minute (can be longer), then press the Espresso button. This makes for a much stronger tasting cup of coffee. The coffee is still initially sweet on the tongue in a nice way, with light bitter after tastes. It’s very smooth drinking.


The Starbucks by Nespresso Holiday Blend is a nice refresher coffee if you want something that is light and sweet in the morning. This coffee should go well with milk. The only downside of this coffee is that you will probably want to drink another coffee right after finishing it (meaning you’ll want more coffee).

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