The Nespresso Corto, is a Barista Creations series capsules. These are particularly designed to go well with milk. I will write my review below both with and without milk usage.

The coffee used is an African arabica plus a Ugandan robusta.


With milk added, this drowns the aromas of the coffee in the Nespresso Corto. So it’s not really that enjoyable to smell when milk is used. Ever since I’ve had my Nespresso machine, I’ve been drinking coffee black and just loving it. So if you love coffee without milk or sugar, you probably won’t be interested in these Barista Creations. Without milk, it does have kind of like a spicy aroma to it, possibly roasted chestnuts – it is a nice aroma.


On the first sip of the Nespresso Corto, it hits you as extra strong and with spiciness to it. It is bitter on the tongue. It does have a milky bitter taste to it, but it is pleasant. Without milk, it’s also has a very nice creamy feel to it and bitter, but a very nice bitterness. The bitterness lasts in the mouth for a long time.


NOTE: I originally did not like the samples of Corto that I sampled, and now almost a year later have purchased a sleeve and I really do like the Corto. This is an intense bitter, roasted tasting coffee that you can really enjoy.

Second NOTE: I was told on r/nespresso that the Corto is very similar to the Paris Black capsule. I’ve never experienced the Paris Black, so wouldn’t mind if anyone provides comments as to whether indeed the Corto does taste similar to the Paris Black.