In February 2021, Nespresso released the Jamaica Blue Mountain Limited Edition coffee for the Original Line machine. The coffee used is single origin arabicas from the Jamaican Blue Mountains grown at elevations between 3000 ft and 5500 ft. This is considered high quality coffee and the price per capsule is rather high, and in the US the price is $2.00 per capsule. Nespresso mentions the aromatic notes are pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

NOTE: There is a new box design and capsule pattern for Fall 2021, as shown below.


The Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain definitely has strong peppery notes to it. It reminds me of freshly ground pepper, possibly a nutmeg smell to it. The aroma is very enjoyable, and lasts. I would classify it as a warm, earthy type aroma.


EDIT (Feb/Fall 2021 and 2023 releases have very similar aroma/taste profiles): The Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain has a light crema which is thin in the mouth. The Jamaica Blue Mountain has a warming peppery/herby like taste to it. The coffee has an intensity of 7, but feels more like 9 or higher, and it feels thick in the mouth. The coffee is bitter on the tongue, but it’s a very mild bitterness and is lovely to drink. This is a very smooth drinking coffee with absolutely no harsh aftertastes whatsoever, which is a character of high quality coffee.


The Nespresso Jamaica Blue Mountain is a nice intense coffee. If you like intense coffees, then you will like this one. I question whether it is worth the $2.00 USD per capsule in the US or not; that seems rather expensive for a Limited Edition coffee. It is definitely a very good coffee, and if you haven’t tried Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee before, then you should get at least one sleeve of this one, you would regret not trying it at all.

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