This is a review of the Nespresso World Explorations Istanbul Espresso coffee capsule for the Original Line machine, which was released in the US at the end of April 2022. This coffee is part of the World Explorations series where the coffee represents the coffee of the particular city, in this case the coffee theme is the city of Istanbul. The coffee consists of an Ethiopian arabica and an Indian robusta, and each capsule contain 5.6 grams of coffee and has an intensity of 8. Nespresso mentions aroma notes of fruit, almond and spice. The capsule can be brewed as either a ristretto or espresso sized cup.


The Nespresso Istanbul Espresso has an extremely nice almond aroma which is very pleasant and very strong. Also there are light spice like notes and a sense of caramel or honey like notes. The crema is very light.

When brewed as a ristretto sized pour, the Istanbul Espresso still has almond or nut like aromas to it.


I’m getting almond and spice notes to the Nespresso Istanbul Espresso. It has a very intense kick to it and tastes bitter on the tongue. This one is great for people that like more intense coffee. It is medium to thick tasting in the mouth, and the bitterness remains in the mouth long after sipping it – but it is very pleasant.

When brewed as a ristretto sized cup the Instanbul Espresso, I’m getting more spicy like notes. It feels way more intense as a ristretto and feels like at least intensity 10 or higher. It’s still pleasant, but I’m definitely preferring it as an espresso size pour.


The Nespresso World Explorations Istanbul Espresso and extremely nice tasting coffee with very pleasant aromas and pleasant bitterness in the mouth with almond taste notes. I suspect this coffee will be very popular.

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