This is a review of the Nespresso Volluto Gran Cru capsule for original line, which consists of Arabicas from Brazil and Columbia. Both are lightly roasted. This is an intensity 4 Gran Cru capsule.


The Nespresso Volluto has a mild fruity aroma and slight toasty smell which doesn’t make it as appealing as other Gran Cru capsules.


The Nespresso Volluto has a thick light colored crema. When tasting the Volluto, it has a very distinct flavor. It is a sweet fruity taste (note: the sweet taste hits you first), with a sour after taste (probably about 5 seconds laters), but very pleasant.


This is definitely a Gran Cru to try out. Personally, I prefer coffee with a lot more character, so this is not a Gran Cru that I would purchase more of. This is a good coffee to drink if you want to have a “mild” day!