Icecast is a freely downloadably application software that may be used to stream audio on the Internet. There are no licensing requirements, so it is completely free. This article will discuss how to install and setup the software/server for use on a Internet broadcasting Radio Station.


To install Icecast, first browse to and the “Download” link, then download the installer for the platform you plan to use the software on (Windows or Linux, etc…). For example, if you are installing on Windows you might have to install a older release here: . I used the installer “icecast2_win32_2.3.2_setup.exe”.

Installation instructions will differ based on platform. For example on Linux you will also need libxml2, libxslt, curl, and ogg/vorbis before you proceed. On Linux you will probably need to run the distro installer as well, for example “appget …”. On Windows, double-click the setup exe and then simply choose all the defaults when installing; on the last step where it ask if you want to install Icecast as a service, you might uncech this and install this later once you have a working configuration.