The Nespresso Shanghai Lungo for the Original Line machine, is a new regular Lungo that was introduced in January 2021. This Lungo is part of the World Exploration redesign of the existing Lungos. This is a review of the Shanghai Lungo. The coffee consists of arabicas from Kenya, China (probably Yunan), and Indonesia. Nespresso uses a split roast technique with 2 light roasts.

NOTE: I noticed that the new Nespresso boxes are printed marking that they use 80% recycled aluminum. This is awesome! Also, for this Shanghai Lungo, all the capsules have printed on them the name “Shanghai Lungo”, plus also “recycle me”.


The Nespresso Shanghai Lungo has a very nice smelling aroma. It reminds me of the smell of candy floss; and it smells fragrant and like a very sweet fruit.


The Nespresso Shanghai Lungo is first sweet on the tongue, and then it has a very, very light sour aftertaste. I personally find the light sour aftertaste very enjoyable, but some people might not enjoy it as much. The taste reminds me of some type of berry. I can almost sense that is it similar to strawberry, and that is probably why I like it so much, because I love strawberries that are not too tart. The coffee has a medium thickness in the mouth.


The Nespresso Shanghai Lungo is a very impressive light Lungo with a berry like flavor to it. It would make a great alternative Lungo to any intense Lungo that you are used to, since this is a very mild light tasting coffee. I suspect it will be extremely popular.

NOTE: After finishing an entire sleeve of the Shanghai Lungo, I’ve somewhat changed my impressions of the coffee. I find it far too light of a drink to be ordering it regularly. Even when I’ve brewed it at about 75% the size of a normal Lungo, it is still too light for me and I will stick with the more intense Lungos like the Cape Town Envivo Lungo.