This is a review of the Lavazza Espresso Maestro Classico coffee capsule for the Nespresso Original Line (OL) machine. “Espresso Maestro Classico” seems like a long name; The “Espresso Maestro” name is used with 4 other capsules, so this one is the Classico. This is a dark roast and has an intensity rating of 9 out of 13, and is made with 100% arabica beans. The beans are from Central & South America with 5.7 grams of coffee per capsule. Lavazza mentions aromas of grains & biscotti.

These are a brand new design of fully aluminum capsules. The box has a “Best before” date on it and is in the format, the marking on the box was 30.03.2024, so I presume they were produced very recently. I bought this 5 pack from Amazon, because I wanted to try the new aluminum capsules since I really enjoyed the coffee from the plastic ones. Also they appear to be manufactured (in Germany) by JDE because the box design looks exactly like other boxes that are made by them.


The Lavazza Espresso Maestro Classico has light smoky & cereal (possibly like biscotti cookies) like notes to it and is very pleasant. The coffee has a thin dark crema.


The Lavazza Espresso Maestro Classico has sweet tastes, and has slight caramel & cereal like notes. It is a very high quality coffee for a 3rd party capsule. There are light acidity notes after drinking it, and overall very pleasant tasting. Although, these are not as good tasting as the previous plastic capsules which Lavazza used.


I’m somewhat dissapointed with the Lavazza Espresso Maestro Classico and all of these new aluminum capsules; they just all are not as good tasting as the previous plastic capsules. The Classico is certainly good coffee, and if you add milk and/or sugar, these capsules should work perfectly fine for you, but they in no way even compare to any Nespresso coffee. However, I thought for some of the previous plastic capsules, they were comparable to Nespresso coffees. The Classico itself doesn’t have any special unique character to it, so I definitely will not be purchasing these ever again. Don’t get me wrong – these are good quality capsules and coffee, but they are just not as good as what I was expecting.