The Nespresso Filter Style Mild was first introduced in Germany on/about October of 2022, and it was introduced into the US in April of 2023. It is an innovative concept that I believe Nespresso is now looking at ways to make a larger cup of coffee possible on the Original Line machines. The capsule design uses only 4.8 grams of coffee, which is a lot less than the typical capsule; so possibly the grind characteristics have been modified significantly. According to the Slovokian Nespresso website, Nespresso spent 3 years of research and development to create the Filter Style capsules. The following is a step by step process in brewing the Filter Style capsule:

  • Peel off the membrane (aluminum lid).
  • Place the capsule in your machine.
  • Press the Lungo button and let it brew.
  • Press the Espresso button and let it brew.
  • Enjoy your coffee.

This does produce a 5.07 fl. oz (150 ml) cup of coffee, which is a Nespresso Gran Lungo size. Nespresso Turkey mentions that Kenyan beans are used, and a coarser grind is used in these capsules and split roast techniques are used. Nespresso mentions the coffee has peach plus malted cereal notes. The Filter Style Mild does have a “Roasting” rating of “2”, which is not very strong. Also the Bitterness, Acidity, and Body have levels of “1” which are the lowest, so this makes me think these are going to be very weak.

The capsules appear to have a thicker aluminum front (where membrane is peeled off) and there must be some type of filter paper behind this. The pricing per capsule is about 10 cents more (in the US) for these compared to the price of any of the Lungos.

I’ve monitored some of the comments on r/nespresso to see in general what people are saying about them; so far there are a number of people that mentioned that they are too watery. Some of them have mentioned that the Intense is better then the Mild version. I’ll most likely do some experimentation to see if first running a Lungo and then waiting about 1 minute before pressing the Espresso afterwards makes them better; or possibly the other way around.


The Nespresso Filter Style Mild has an extremely nice aroma when you peel off the membrane, it just smells extremely nice. After brewing I’m getting very sweet candy like notes to it. Possibly like light fruit or peach like. There is a very thin light crema after brewing and it dissipates very quickly. The coffee looks darker than I was expecting, so this appears to be high quality coffee. Below you can see a photo of the darkness of the coffee in a glass mug. I just absolutely love the aromas of this coffee!


The Nespresso Filter Style Mild is very mild and light tasting. It is juicy and refreshing; it probably would be really great if drinking cool with ice; possibly way better than the Freddo Intenso coffee. It’s “kind of” like peach, but it’s reminding me of candy floss with a lot of very sweet and juicy notes. If you’ve ever tried Jujubes (Chinese red dates) before, it has similar tastes. There are very light bitter notes afterwards and the juciness persists, and these are both in a really nice way. In my mind, I keep thinking Juicy Fruit gum – something that is juicy and sweet and persists.

My first try was a Lungo shot then wait 1 minute and brew an Espresso shot, the coffee is very nice this way. I found this is the best way to brew this, although you don’t need to wait 1 minute between brews; maybe wait about 30 seconds between brews to give the machine a chance to cool down a bit.

I’ve tried first brewing an Espresso shot, then wait 1 minute and then brew a Lungo shot, but I find there is more bitterness but still very nice tasting overall. This is not as nice as the first method.


I’m really liking the Filter Style Mild coffee, and the only down side is that there is not enough coffee and I can drink it really fast and it is very enjoyable. This product really shows how Nespresso research and development is making new innovative products.

The question that most people might ask: Is this a replacement for espresso, and the answer is no. This is truly a pour-over style coffee and meant not to be as concentrated as an espresso. I’m sure that some people that like really strong and concentrated espresso will not like this coffee. If you had to compare to an espresso shot, then this is like a diluted espresso shot, but the coffee maintains its aromas and taste and is very enjoyable to drink.

Post note: After about 10 minutes after drinking the entire cup, the wonderful tastes still persist; but it really gives me that desire to have at least another cup of this wonderful coffee. I believe the new Filter Style Mild is a winner of a coffee.

I’ve been having the Filter Style Mild every morning now for 4 days in a row and I’m really impressed. I think this one will replace my regular Cape Town Envivo Lungo as a regular morning coffee, as it’s a really great drinking coffee.