This is a review of the Colonna El Durazno Lungo coffee capsule for the Nespresso Original Line machine. The capsule is a Lungo size coffee. The El Durazno is a honey processed bourbon arabica from Guatemala. The tastes profile mentioned is sweet and gentle.


The Colonna El Durazno Lungo has very nice mild floral notes, and it also has mild sweet sugar notes which kind of reminds me of candy floss. The crema is very thick and bubbly, and has a light color.


The El Durazno Lungo when brewed as a Lungo, it does feel a bit watery. I would suggest brewing somewhere between a Lungo size and espresso. The taste is slightly sweet, and has slight rye notes. The taste is mealy like and is enjoyable to drink, it makes you want to drink more.


Colonna makes very good quality coffee that works with the Nespresso Original Line machines. The Colonna El Durazno Lungo is defintely a high quality coffee that most people that like lighter roasts should enjoy.

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