The Nespresso Honduras, is a Master Crafted Single Origin coffee sourced from Honduras. This is the very first coffee that Nespresso has sourced from Honduras, so it should be very special. Read more about the things that Nespresso is doing in Central America in this article: Based on that article, it is possible we may soon see a Nespresso coffee sourced from El Salvador.

The coffee uses a washed and solar died arabica from the region of the ancient city of Copán. A split roast technique is used. Coffees grown in the Copán area typically have citrus, chocolate and caramel notes. Beans cultivated in the Copán region are Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra. The Nespresso Honduras has a 7 intensity rating, however it is strange that the US Nespresso site shows the intensity as being 8, but the sleeve clearly has it marked as 7 intensity. The Nespresso Honduras can be brewed as either a ristretto or espresso sized cup, which is marked on the sleeves. Caffeine content is probably (a guesstimate) around 70mg for an espresso sized cup, and the official amount is not available yet since it is not yet offered by Nespresso Taiwan.


The Nespresso Honduras has light floral, cereal, and strong chocolate aromas. It is a mild and pleasant aroma. The coffee has a dense but thin crema layer, and a medium to dark color. The aromas are similar whether brewed as a ristretto or espresso sized cup.


The Nespresso Honduras has cereal and cocoa notes. The Nespresso Honduras is really reminding me of the Kazaar (when brewed as an espresso), but just not as intense and there are no harse robusta notes. The coffee hits you with bitterness after sipping it, and instead of a 7, it feels like a 9 intensity. It is both sweet and bitter, and is extremely nice to drink.

When brewed as a ristretto size cup, the Nespresso Honduras has extremely nice chocolate and cocoa notes to it. It’s very much like dark chocolate. It is both sweet and bitter on the tongue.

I haven’t figured which brew size is best, either ristretto or espresso. However when brewed as a ristretto, the Nespresso Honduras is a very powerful tasting coffee, so that seems to be the best way to brew it. I noticed that after drinking the Nespresso Honduras, it has an extremely nice aftertaste in the mouth, and is posibly one of the best arabica coffees offered by Nespresso.


I suspect that the Nespresso Honduras is going to be a extremely popular choice, since it’s going to be a regular capsule (I believe worldwide – but no confirmation yet), and the powerfulness is very similar to the WE Miami. I consider the WE Miami is possibly one of Nespresso’s best coffees currently available; but unfortunately for most patrons, the WE Miami is only a regular in certain countries (like Canada and the US) and the Nespresso Honduras is a good alternative (so is the Cafecito de Cuba).

So I’m extremely impressed with the Nespresso Honduras and highly recommend that you get one sleeve and try it out. You may also want to check out my other reviews of other Nespresso Master Crafted Single Origin coffees for the Original Line machine at this link:

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