This is a review of the Nespresso Infinitely Fruity Raspberry Flavor, which is a Festive Limited Edition release for the year 2022. No mention of which origin country that the coffee beans come from are indicated by Nespresso, other than South America and that they are arabicas. All of the 2022 Festive coffee were designed by Pierre Hermé, a famous French pastry chef and chocolatier.


The Nespresso Infinitely Fruity Raspberry Flavor has very nice raspberry aromas, it does smell a lot like fresh picked raspberries. I had raspberry bushes in Canada, so I can assure the aroma is the same. The crema is very nice; it is thick, dense and slightly bubbly. It’s has a very nice aroma.


The Infinitely Fruity Raspberry Flavor has very, very nice raspberry notes to it. I’m also getting the cereal like notes that Nespresso mentions. This is an incredibly nice tasting flavored coffee. Normally I’m not that fond of the Nespresso flavored coffees, but this one is really nice!


The Nespresso Infinitely Fruity Raspberry Flavor is an exceptionally nice raspberry tasting coffee with great raspberry aromas. If you like raspberry, you will really love this one! I’m very impressed with the matching of aromas and flavors to actual raspberry aromas and flavors. I like this one way better than the Pumpkin Spice Cake capsule.