This is a review of the Nespresso Infinitely Espresso, which is a Festive Limited Edition release for the year 2022. The Infinitely Espresso uses an arabica from Tolima Colombia. It is meant to be brewed as an espresso size, but the intensity for this coffee is not given and it contains 5.5 grams of coffee per capsule. All of the 2022 Festive coffees were designed by Pierre Hermé, a famous French pastry chef and chocolatier. The sleeve design is very elegant, with gold flakes, and the layered front reminds me of one of Pierre’s macarons.


The Nespresso Infinitely Espresso has just an awesome fragnance. It’s fruity like and almost like perfume, and I’m sensing a nutty like aroma. Normally, I haven’t been impressed by the aromas of the previous years Festive releases, but this one is really nice. I should mention that it’s not really strong, but more of a light to medium strength aroma. The crema is light to medium thickness.


Wow! The Infinitely Espresso definitely has fruit notes to it. The Infinitely Espresso has very acidic notes, possibly like raspberry. It has a nice bitterness that hits you after sipping it. If you don’t like acidic tasting coffees, you won’t like this one. There is a presence of some nut like flavor as well. Nespresso hasn’t published the intensity of this coffee, but I believe from what I’m tasting it is like a 7 intensity.


The Nespresso Infinitely Espresso is definitely a winner if you really like acidity notes in your coffee (i.e. Ethiopia). A very nice medium intensity espresso that is sure to please many! I’m also noticing that the light bitterness and fruit notes persist after drinking it, but it’s a very nice feeling.