This is a review of the Nespresso Cocoa Truffle, which is part of the Barista Creations series of coffees for Original Line. This coffee uses Brazilian bourbon arabicas and washed Colombian arabicas, plus a small amount of flavoring.


The Nespresso Cocoa Truffle has a nice light cocoa aromas, plus also light malt aromas. It’s a very pleasant aroma.


The Nespresso Cocoa Truffle has both cocoa and malt notes to it. I’m getting light bitter tastes on the tongue. Personally the bitter notes are not very pleasant, but the flavor is definitely cocoa like. So if you like the taste of cocoa, then you will like this coffee.


The Nespresso Cocoa Truffle does taste a lot like a cocoa truffle, so the naming is definitely correct. I’m personally not fond of any of the Nespresso flavored coffees, so I wouldn’t normally recommend this one; but if you like dark chocolate then you might like this coffee.