This is a review of the Nespresso Papua New Guinea Limited Edition coffee capsule for the Original Line machine, which was released in the US at the beginning of April 2022. The coffee consists of single origin arabicas from Papua New Guinea, and each capsule contain 5.2 grams of coffee and has an intensity of 5. Beans from Papua New Guinea use a “wet-process” which wash off the skin and pulp before they are soaked in water. Nespresso mentions the Papua New Guinea grand cru has fruity and jammy notes. The sleeves are slightly boring, with mostly black color sleeve and a small green leaf like pattern on top.


The Nespresso Papua New Guinea definitely has fruity notes to it. I’m getting strawberry and candy like notes in the aroma. The crema is very thin.


The Nespresso Papua New Guinea has berry like notes. I can understand why Nespresso says “jammy” like. I’m sensing there are almost raspberry or strawberry like tastes, but it’s a very unique flavor. It is sweet and with very light sour notes (very pleasant).

On a second day I tried brewing as first a ristretto, and then wait at least 1 minute, and followed by an espresso shot; but I find it’s a bit watery, and still has berry notes but just too watery – so I don’t suggest a Lungo pour for this coffee at all.

NOTE: I noticed after drinking the coffee, there is a very nice persistent intense taste in my mouth long after drinking it. So even though the coffee is rated at an intensity of 5, it feels effectively more like an intensity 7 coffee.


The Papua New Guinea is an excellent tasting coffee with very nice aromas. It you like coffee with fruity like notes, then you will really like this one. On the contrary side, if you like more intense coffees (like Kazaar or the Novecento LE), you most likely will not want to get this coffee.

The Nespresso Papua New Guinea has a very unique taste, and is probably one of the best Limited Editions to come out since the Yemen Limited Edition.