This is a review of the Illy Classico Classic Roast an espresso capsule for the Nespresso Original Line machine. The box only indicates 100% arabica is used in these capsules but no other sourcing is indicated. There is 5.7 grams of coffee per capsule and each capsule is made of aluminum and sealed with nitrogen. The box is marked with a best before date in the “dd/mm/yyyy” format.


The Illy Classico Classic Roast has very light aromas, which is very disappointing. It smells like flowers, but the aroma is very mild. The crema is dense when scooped with a spoon and is light colored.


The Illy Intenso Classico Classic has a lot of acidic notes and tastes sour on the tongue. The acidic notes are pleasant. The sour notes are almost lemon like tastes, but not as strong as lemon. This is the strongest (not intensity but amount of coffee in the water) Illy capsule I’ve had, but still very weak compared to ANY Nespresso capsule; so I’m somewhat disappointed in the quality of all the Illy Nespresso compatible capsules.


The Illy Classico Classic Roast is another very disappointing coffee capsule from Illy. I really would not recommend the Illy capsules to anyone at all, especially since you are paying $0.80 USD or more per capsule, it just doesn’t make sense to get these if Nespresso is cheaper and better.