This is a review of Medici Roasting Decaf, which is a Nespresso 3rd party coffee packaged in aluminum capsules. The coffee is made by “Bull Creek Dry Goods”, and is produced in Austin Texas. The business is a local roaster called “Medici Roasting”.

On the front top of the box, they indicate that washed beans are used and that sugar cane decaffeination process is used. The box mentions that the bean varieties used are Castillo and Caturra. Each capsule has 5.5 grams of coffee in it, and it is supposed to be a medium roast. Each box contains 12 aluminum capsules and the box mentions notes of white grape, raspberry scone (biscuit), and marzipan (an almond paste). The capsules are loosely packed in the boxes.


The Medici Roasting Decaf has fruity like aromas to it. Possibly like grape or raspberry. It’s a very pleasant aroma. The crema is thick and fluffy, and firm when scooped in a spoon. The crema has a fruit like taste to it, yes much like raspberry.

NOTE: Because the foil lids used on these capsules are indented (see picture below), when I brew them on my Creatista Uno, the water sometimes comes out very slowly; it even seems like it might explode. It’s like the water is getting trapped inside the capsule.


The Medici Roasting Decaf has definite fruit notes to it. I do think it tastes a lot like raspberry. It’s a very nice sweet tasting coffee that is very pleasant and mild to drink. If you like like fruity notes to your coffee, you will probably love this one. It is very nice indeed!


The Medici Roasting Decaf is a very nice alternative decaf to the Nespresso decaf choices. This one is particularly sweet and fruity and should be enjoyable by most people.