This is a review of the Lavazza Decisio an espresso capsule for the Nespresso Original Line machine. Sourcing of the coffee is from Brazil and Central America and Southeast Asia. It’s rated with an intensity of 10 with 5.0 grams of coffee per capsule and the capsules are made of plastic with aluminum foil lids.

I ordered my box of 10 from Amazon, and noticed the side of the box was slightly indented. When I opened the box, there were a lot of coffee grounds loose in the box. I suspect one of the foil lids had become loose because of impact on shipping. On inspection, only one of them looked like it may have had an issue.


The Lavazza Decisio has light woody, chocolatey notes (definitely smells like chocolate) to it. The Decisio has a dark colored crema which is thin.


The Lavazza Decisio is first sweet on the tongue, with light sour (acidic) notes afterwards. It’s tasting woody like, and light cocoa notes. The Decisio is pleasant drinking and feels intense. The coffee is comparable to some Nespresso capsules.


The Lavazza Decisio is a very nice drinking intense coffee. All of the Lavazza capsules I’ve tried so far are some of the best 3rd party Nespresso OL compatible capsules out there. I wouldn’t even bother with L’or or Peets capsules, they just aren’t that great in comparison to any of the Lavazza capsules.

Also take a look my review of the Lavazza Avvolgente, and the Lavazza Armonico for reference.