This is a review of the Nespresso Ispirazione Millennio Limited Edition coffee capsule for the Orginal Line Nespresso machine. The Ispirazione Millennio was introduced at the end of Summer 2021 and is an intensity 8 level coffee that can be brewed as either a Ristretto or and Espresso sized cup. The Ispirazione Millennio uses arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia and India.


The Ispirazione Millennio does have a nice cocoa like aroma and very light fruity or flowery like notes to it. The crema is light colored and has medium size bubbles. The crema is thin and dissipates when stirred; and it feels very thin in the mouth.

When brewed as a Ristretto size cup, the Ispirazione Millennio still has light aromas with cocoa and flowery type notes to it. The crema is light and and dense when scooped on a spoon.


The Ispirazione Millennio has almost a light spice like taste, but I’m getting notes of cocoa, or maybe chocolate and juicy tastes in the background. It is a very pleasant drinking coffee that has both sweetness and sourness to it and very light bitter after notes. I would say it it is a “complicated” taste, and very special. One might call it the “high tech” coffee!

When brewed as a Ristretto size cup, the Ispirazione Millennio still has cocoa and juicy notes, but is much more acidic. If you are not sure what acidity is, think of a lemon or an apple. See this ( article for a reference on tasting acidity in coffee. I’m preferring to brew this coffee as an Espresso size cup.


The Ispirazione Millennio is definitely an Italian style coffee, with the coca and light juicy notes to it, it’s a special coffee and very innovative. Don’t even hesitate, get a sleeve and try it out, you’ll probably love it! If you like coffee with both intensity and juiciness, then you’ll want to try this one.