In January 2021, Nespresso introduced its “World Explorations” redesign of its existing Lungo coffees. The naming of the Fortissio Lungo has now changed to Stockholm Fortissio Lungo, other than that there are no other changes. You can see my article Nespresso 2021 New Lungos Information for all the changes in the various Lungos.

This article is a review of the Stockholm Fortissio Lungo. The coffee used is a monsooned Indian malabar arabica, and a washed Colombian arabica. A split roast technique is used with the monsooned malabar being dark roasted, and the washed Colombian with a light roast. The aromatic profile mentioned by Nespresso is malt cereal and sweet.


The Stockholm Fortissio Lungo has a fragrant aroma, very light and sweet. It has that “wet” fragrance to it, like a monsoon! It kind of reminds me like a cup of morning tea with milk and sugar – very mild and light.


The Stockholm Fortissio Lungo has cereal notes to it. I’m picking up wetness to it, which is the monsooned arabicas. It’s a sweet tasting coffee with very light bitterness to it that lasts after drinking it. It’s a very nice Lungo, and should be very popular!


The Stockholm Fortissio Lungo is an awesome Lungo! Great if you like intense coffees but not too overly strong or bitter, and one that you can enjoy daily. I believe this will be one of the more popular Lungos for the World Explorations redesigned Lungos.

If you are looking for a more intense strong Lungo than the Stockholm Fortissio Lungo, then check out the Cape Town Envivo Lungo.