This is a review of the Nespresso Coconut Flavor Over Ice, which is part of the Barista Creation series of coffees and was initially released around May 2021. This coffee uses arabicas from Guatemala, Brazil, and from Africa. The coffee is intended to be brewed over ice, but a number of people on r/nespresso have indicated that they really like it brewed hot, so I really wanted to try this one hot and see what it is like. The shot size is an Espresso size cup.


The Nespresso Coconut Flavor Over Ice definitely has coconut aromas to it, and very strong coconut aromas. I also get a candy like aroma, maybe like candy floss. The aroma is very, very nice! The crema is thick, but bubbly rather than dense.


When brewed hot, the Nespresso Coconut Flavor Over Ice has a light coconut taste. The coffee has a bitter taste to it. The Coconut Flavor Over Ice has a strong aftertaste that is both bitter and sour. The aftertaste persists for a very long time (at least half an hour).

When brewed and then poured over ice, the crema still lasts for a long time and it still has those strong coconut aromas which are very nice. I have to admit, when mixed with ice, the coffee takes on a very refreshing profile and is very nice when the temperatures in summer get hot. I’m getting juicy like flavors to it as an iced drink. The coffee has very strong bitter notes with ice (compared to when hot), and I’m still getting those aftertaste notes that last for a long time.


When brewed hot, the Nespresso Coconut Flavor Over Ice has a strong aftertaste that is not very enjoyable. I really like the aroma of this coffee, too bad you have to taste it as well, because personally (this is my opinion) the aftertaste just makes this coffee not very desirable.

But when the Coconut Flavor Over Ice is brewed together with ice, it is a very juicy drink and thirst quenching in the summer. It has bitter notes to it, but still enjoyable. The only bad thing (for me personally) is that there are still aftertaste notes that linger.

Regardless, if you really like coconut and coconut aromas, you will definitely want to get a sleeve of this coffee.

Enjoy your coffee!