This is a review of the Nespresso Freddo Intenso coffee for the Original Line (OL) machine. The Freddo Intenso is part of the Nespresso Barista Creations series of coffees, and this coffee is intended to be made as an iced coffee. So you would brew the coffee and add the coffee to glass filled with ice cubes. The coffee consists of arabicas from Indonesia and South America. Nespresso doesn’t indicate the intensities of any of the Barista Creations coffee, and I suspect the Freddo Intenso is possibly intensity 6 – 8 based on comparisons with other coffees I’ve tried.

Back in summer 2020, I received a sample packs of both the Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso capsules, and I remember really liked one of them a lot, but I never thought at the time to order a sleeve, since they were intended for ice but I normally drink my coffee black and using hot water. So I thought I would order a sleeve of each and try them out and plus write a review of each. The Freddo Intenso is the one I really liked a lot.


The Nespresso Freddo Intenso when brewed as an espresso without any ice (or hot water) has an extremely nice aroma. It has toasted / cereal and light floral notes to it, and the aroma is very powerful and lasts. The aroma almost reminds of lightly scented flowers. It has a nice thin to medium crema which lasts.


The Nespresso Freddo Intenso is very smooth tasting in the mouth and is sweet at first with very nice bitter afternotes, but the bitterness is very light. The taste reminds me of rye bread, with a toasty like flavor to it. I first drank this as a straight espresso without any ice, and it is a very nice coffee. One that I really could enjoy daily, even without ice.

On a second shot (a different day), I tried this as a Long Black; which is where you add hot water to a cup and then brew the espresso on top of the hot water. The coffee in this way makes a very nice morning coffee. You might not want to add too much water, otherwise it will taste too watered down.

On a third day I tried the Freddo Intenso with ice. Basically brewed the capsule in a cup and then poured it over a glass filled with ice. The crema lasts for a while, and the aroma is very nice, like a fruity aroma. I’m still getting the rye like tastes, which is extremely nice. With ice, it is a very refreshing drink!


The Nespresso Freddo Intenso is extremely nice medium roast coffee that you could easily make your daily coffee to enjoy, whether it be straight up, on ice, or as a Long Black. Also, don’t think just because it advertised as an “iced coffee” that you must drink it with ice; definitely without ice it is a great coffee. I suggest you try a sleeve.