This is a review of the Lavazza Avvolgente Lungo size capsule coffee for the Nespresso Original Line (OL) machine. This is a light intensity coffee with an intensity of 5, and each capsule contains 5.5 grams of coffee. The coffee consists of arabicas from Central America, South America and Africa, plus robusta from Southeast Asia. The coffee is described as being aromatic, with scents of spices and cocoa notes.


The Lavazza Avvolgente should be brewed as a Lungo size cup. The aromas are very light, and I’m only getting very light notes of cocoa.

NOTE: I brewed this the second time using a pre-infusion technique. Press the Ristretto button on your machine to first get the coffee to bloom; then about 1 minute (or more) press the Espresso button. This produces a much darker cup of coffee and much stronger aromas. The coffee is extremely nice this way. With light cocoa, spice and fruity like notes – this is reminding me of another Nespresso coffee (I figured it out – it’s like the Master Crafted Single Origin Indonesia coffee, when brewed larger than an espresso size), something with a wonderful fruity/flowery type aroma.


Lungos are generally much weaker in tastes than espressos and the Lavazza Avvolgente just reminds of the Nespresso Vienna Linizio Lungo. It’s a very mild tasting lungo with spice notes.

NOTE: Brewed using the pre-infusion technique described above, this coffee takes on a much different flavor profile. Strong with initial light sweet notes, followed by wonderful lasting bitterness. Some bitterness in certain coffees can taste absolutely great, this is one of those coffees. I’m not sure I can properly describe this one, but this is an awesome lungo with strength to it. Possibly spice like notes.


The Lavazza Avvolgente brewed using the pre-infusion technique just completely blows me away. I was somewhat impressed by the Lavazza Armonica, but this one is just an unexpected surprise. When I read this older review of the Avvolgente on Coffee Capsule Guide, I was expecting that it may not be that great.

I highly suggest you use the pre-infusion technique I describe above when brewing as it makes a big difference. The Lavazza Avvolgente is nice alternative if you want to try lungos other than the standard Nespresso lungos.