This is a review of the Artizan Stout Espresso Blend coffee which is a Nespresso compatible capsule for the Original Line (OL) machine. These capsules are plastic and use biodegradable plastic, which use Ecovio (derived from corn). Artizan uses a split roast technique (similar to Nespresso) to create this coffee, and the beans are washed and from Tanzania and Madagascar; but it doesn’t mention if they are robusta, however I believe they are because these capsules have 140 mg of caffeine (which is a lot). Each capsule has 5.0 grams of coffee and the capsule is intended to be brewed as a Lungo size cup.


The Artizan Stout does have smokey / earthy like aromas. The crema is dark and lasts. I’m getting plastic aromas to the coffee as well – which is unfortunate. Because of the plastic aromas, I can’t even think about continuing to drink these.


The Artizan Stout also has a smokey / earthy like taste to it. It is very unfortunate that I’m also getting plastic manufactured like tastes to this coffee as well. I sense this is very good quality coffee, but I can’t continue to drink it, since I won’t drink anything that I think may cause some detriment to my body!


It is very unfortunate that the Artizan Stout Espresso Blend has the plastic manufactured type aromas and tastes to it, since I think this would otherwise be great coffee – I mean, really good coffee. I highly suggest you don’t get this coffee, as it is most likely the plastic is leeching into the coffee. I’ve posted reviews about this on Amazon, but still haven’t heard anything from the manufacturer. My guess is that they just want to make money.