This is a review of the Nespresso Freddo Delicato coffee for the Original Line (OL) machine. The Freddo Delicato (by the way, freddo means “cold” in Italian) is part of the Nespresso Barista Creations series of coffees, and this coffee is intended to be made as an iced coffee. So you would brew the coffee and add the coffee to glass filled with ice cubes. The coffee consists of arabicas from Kenya. Nespresso doesn’t indicate the intensities or other details about the Barista Creation series of coffees, but this coffee is probably a medium intensity coffee (probably about 6 or 7).

Back in summer 2020, I received a sample pack of both the Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso capsules, and I remember I really liked one of them a lot, but I never thought at the time to order a sleeve, since they were intended for ice but I normally drink my coffee black and with hot water. So I thought I would order a sleeve of each and try them out and plus write a review of each.


The Nespresso Freddo Delicato when brewed as an espresso without any ice (or hot water added, i.e. Long Black or Americano), has a spicy aroma to it with light fruit notes. The crema is thick and medium dark in color.

On a second shot (a different day), I tried this as a Long Black; which is where you add hot water to a cup and then brew the espresso on top of the hot water. As a Long Black, the crema is much foamier and light colored. The aromas are not as strong brewed as a Long Black, and I’m getting fruity, sweet notes to it.

On a third day – I tried brewing as a Ristretto. The aroma is very, very nice; and is malty and toast like.

Fourth day – with ice and regular espresso size brew. Still has the malty toast like aroma and it is a very nice aroma.


The Nespresso Freddo Delicato when brewed as an espresso without any ice (or hot water added, i.e. Long Black or Americano) has sour notes to it, like very juicy fruit. It also very, very light bitter notes, and has a medium thickness when drinking in the mouth. I would not recommend to drink the coffee as a straight up (no additional water) espresso shot, it just doesn’t taste good that way.

When brewed as a Long Black, the Freddo Delicato has a sweet / fruity like taste to it, also I’m not getting any bitter notes. After a number of seconds, I do get light sour notes; the sourness kind of reminds me like grapefruit. The coffee is nice to drink though, and overall has juicy tastes to it.

When brewed as a Ristretto, the Freddo Delicato has very strong sour notes to it, but it is very nice. After drinking a few sips, I decided to add hot water. It tastes much better after adding water. Still getting the grapefruit like tastes to the coffee.

When brewed with ice, the coffee is very juicy tasting. It still has light sour notes to it. The taste is a very refreshing juicy flavor and great for the hotter summer months. If you like drinking lemonade, then you will love this coffee.


The Nespresso Freddo Delicato is an extremely nice light roast coffee. Although the sour notes are nicer when brewed as a Long Black, I’ll probably not get another sleeve since personally I tend not to like sour notes in my coffee.

Each person has different preferences in coffee tastes, and the Nespresso Freddo Delicato is a very nice coffee, so I suggest you try out a single sleeve to see if you like it.

Enjoy your coffee!